Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Test build update

So far I built the legs, torso and head, and for most parts, the model went together quite well! I want to redo the nose though (it can be made to look better than it does now I think), and I'm thinking about switching a few glueing tabs on the face.

But before I actually do that, I want to see what it looks like with the hair (because it can make quite a difference). I haven't built the hair yet, but the way I modeled and unfolded it, the hair glues to the back of the head, which is a closed plane; before glueing on the final piece of the hair, you can glue the hair to the back of the head and reach inside with your fingers or a tool to push down on the glueing tabs.

Then the final piece of the hair acts as sort of a "lid", that closes the hole and should be easy to glue in place without the need to push down on the glueing tabs from the inside (because you can't reach them anymore at that point! ;o) because of its shape and the natural tension in the paper.

(It will probably make more sense when you have the pieces in front of you)

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