Friday, October 24, 2008

Red Hollow Cylinder tutorial

The Red Hollow Cylinder. In it lies the soul of an evil papercraftsman, who could not find joy in the paper models he made.

Bittered and lonely, with his dying breath he put a curse on the last papercraft he ever made, and then he let it loose on the world. Its sole purpose: to frustrate those that cannot build it, no matter how hard they try, and rob them of any joy they have building paper models...

Now it counts as a test of skill for those seeking to prove themselves strong enough to become Papercraft Masters.

Do you have what it takes?

Good luck!


  1. Now, if he was really evil... would he say something like "good luck"?


  2. The "good luck" was from me - because you're gonna need it if you try it...! ;o)

  3. Yeah it looks downright impossible from the video...hehehe

  4. Am I missing an in-joke here? I thought pre-forming was pretty obvious... Personally, I usually put my exacto against it (with the cap on!) and press the paper into it with my thumbs, and roll it that way.

    Non-hollow cylinders are a lot more evil than hollow ones. I absolutely hate the caps.

  5. To ask the question is to answer it: if you knew what it was all about, you wouldn't be "missing it". And for me to explain it now, would totally ruin it. ;o)

    The "pre-shape your parts!" part is serious though: since you say you are very familiar with it, I'm sure you know how much easier it makes things. It's a very simple technique indeed, that most if not all people will probably discover themselves sooner or later.

    But I saw an opportunity to have a little fun making this little video and taking it totally over the top, making it "serious" and absurd at the same time. I mean, how could I resist! I'm only human still... ;o)

  6. Is there any significance to the color of the cylinder? Because my printer always runs out of yellow and magenta way before I use up the blue. Definitely evil.

    (Thanks for teh DevArt post, too.)

  7. I made one just now and nothing happend...I made it right.What happens if the cylinder is to scared of me to haunt me?Will I be mportant or something???

    I don't even belive in this shit...thats why I tryed it.


  8. Oh no what have you done... I don't know what it will do either, or more importantly, when...!

    Better make a paper Buffy though, just to be on the safe side; she knows how to deal with demon cylinders!

  9. How about an f-ing roller mine?

  10. Well, there is a HL2 Roller Mine paper model at Chamoo's Papercraft Archive ( but between Buffy and a roller mine, it's Buffy who has her own show! ;o)

  11. I just piched was juat taking up space.


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