Monday, November 16, 2009

Official Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers blockheads

A small interlude on my Hero outfit Link, because official papercraft models always are a little bit extra special I think! ;o)

They're blockheads of the main characters for the new Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles game Crystal Bearers!

You can find them on the japanese Crystal Chronicles news site.

Although it's a Japanese website, all the pictures are in English, so it's not hard to figure out where you need to click to download the templates:

(okay, so those last three are all in the same post... ;o)

I looked through the backposts, but it seems we're still missing Cid and Vygari, so bookmark the site and check back regularly or subscribe to the newsfeed to see if they might get posted in the future! ;o)

Have fun building!


  1. Yeah, now if only more game developers would understand how much free advertising a few simple papercraft models would bring them... ;o)


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