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Origami & paper planes

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simple Art Concorde and Boeing 747 Jumbo paper planes

step-by-step traditional crane origami instructions

*Alex Likes Design
simple The Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker King of Red Lions boat origami

*Alex's Paper Airplanes
Swallow, Rapier, Helicopter, Rocket, Flying Fish, Frisbee, Blimp/Zeppelin, classic Dart, Floating Plane, Dragon, Edmonton Shadow + more paper planes

*Amazing Paper Airplanes
patterned sheets and detailed folding instructions for paper planes based on Harrier, F15, F117 Nighthawk, Space Shuttle, Falcon, Airliner 717, Concorde, Triplet, cruise missile, and basic dart paper plane, delta fighter, seaplane and bellybutton glider

realistic origami dog

*Arts & Reports for Nature in Hokkaido
ducks and wagtail birds

Dart, Defender, Dragon, Eagle, Stealth, Superjet, and Bird simple paper planes

*Avioncitos de Papel
simple paper planes (from same creator as Barquitos de Papel)

*Barquitos de Papel
simple paper boat (from same creator as Avioncitos de Papel)

*Basteln & Gestalten
simple origami picture frame, flower, envelope, ships, duck, gnome, houses, paper planes, church ship origami and other children's papercrafts (click the links under "Basteln" at the right)

*Best Paper Airplanes
Deltry, Moth, Tumbler, Canada Goose, Condor, Duck, Spike, Katydid, Slider and Zump

Bono origami water balloon bomb (click the link next to the image under "ペーパークラフト")

*Bopeep Studio Museum
Flying Hare Airway Inc., Flying Lollipop Bros. & Co., The Flying Deejays, Three Flying Mice and Flying Pencil paper planes (click the blue "DOWNLOAD" button)

*Brother Creative Center
patterned origami sheets, paper automata and lots more paper toys

simple Children's Festival, Tanabata, summer vacation, autumn festival and Christmas origami

*CB Funk
tyopography cootie catcher / fortune teller paper toy (click the "hier" link for the "Bastelanleitung" to see how to fold a cootie catcher / fortune teller paper toy)

*CDO Centro Diffusione Origami
all kinds of origami

*Chitake Kajika-Kei (very simple birds)
Common Kingfisher,Barn Swallow, Bull-headed Shrike, Indian Spot-billed duck, Pygmy Woodpecker, Japanese White-eye, Little Grebe duck, Little Egret heron, Japanese Tit, Black-headed Gull, Mandarin Duck and Brown Hawk-Owl origami birds

*Crandal11 Clay's Place Money Origami
Christmas boots, bow tie, butterfly, eyeglasses, fan, gift box, picture frm, ring, sailboat, serpent, t-shirt, spider, Valentine's heart and Christmas Tree

modular origami module

*Doratomo Yuutyo
Baochuan, chick ornament, cherry blossom tree, headpiece, May ornament, Tanabata decorations, stylized full moon night, Olympics, Christmas, Zodiac rooster, Hinamatsuri doll festival, New Journey, Headpiece, Tanabaa and Dog Years dioramas and Zodiac wild boar and rats (click the pictures, then on the next page the "こちら" links at the bottom for the crease patterns)

*Energia Chugoku Electric Power Co, Inc
paper planes

*Exploratorium Magazine
Nakamaru Lock paper plane (classic Dart adaptation)

*Exploratorium Science Explorer
Hoopster paper rings plane and Roto-Copter here

simple jumpin' frog, rock, boat, fish and turtle

*Fietje Waarom
kingfisher paper plane (click "Klik hier om de knutselplaat te downloaden!" at the bottom)

basic origami, animals, dinosaurs, plants, fantasy creatures, chess set, insects and old/unfinished diagrams

jumping frog

*Fun Paper Airplanes
paper planes

*Gatchan Kobe Wings
paper Hope, Stork and Sky Acrobat planes, paper Happy plane here and several glider planes here

flying saucer paper plane

*Gilad Origami Swami
lots of different origami diagrams

*Global Ministries
Sadako Sasaki 1000 paper cranes (click "Instructions for folding paper cranes" at the top of the page)

*Goo Kids
Disney's Lilo and Stitch Stitch origami

*Happy Magpie origami
Star Wars A-Wing, AT-AT, AT-ST, Destroyer Droid, Millennium Falcon, Naboo Fighter, R2-D2, Slave I, Star Destroyer, TIE Bomber, TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor, X-Wing and Y-Wing and bulldozer, dump truck, excavator, train engine, train car, train caboose, Pitch Black alien, Starship Troopers Arachnid alien, Invader Zim, Space:Above and Beyond Hammerhead space fighter, Pterodactyl, napping cat, dollar bill parrot, vulture and mortarboard hat here

*Hektor UMCS Michal Kosmulski
modular fractals, balls and polyhedra, intersecting planes, spiky balls and stellated polyhedra, miscellaneous modular origami and business card origami

*Hiroshima International School 1000 Crane Club
fold 1000 paper cranes and wish for peace (Sadako Sasaki story)

walkalong paper plane

*Japan Air Self-Defense Force
paper plane JASDF Heso and AR

*Joseph Palmer's Paper Airplanes
folding instructions for PL-4 Hybrid, PL-3 Squarenose, PL-2 Gullwing and PL-1 Joe's Favorite

*Joseph Wu's
Joseph Wu's armadillo, Kawasaki's rose base, birdbase chess set, bride and groom, eagle, dragon, origami sheet division, Great White shark, silver and golden squares, snowflake, Christmas snowman, one-fold Stegosaurus and yuan bao ingot and rabbit, sorcerer, Santa Claus, angled modular unit, "new" Kawasaki rose, tower box, dollar bill butterfly, Eiffel Tower, Kiki's Delivery Service Gigi the cat, My Neighbour Totoro Totoro, seal, dragon, Star Wars X-Wing fighter, Spenjurmunni Pikachu Pokémon and toad by other people

*Jxnblk Brent Jackson
origami alphabet (you have to recreate the starting patterns yourself)

simple reindeer, frilled lizard, dachshund and rhinoceros beetle and kangaroo, stag beetle and Scotch terrier here (click the links underneath the boxes)

*Kanmas Col-labo
boomerang, helicopter and gullwing paper planes (click the images on the right under "ミニブーメラン", "紙コプター" and "アルソミトラグライダー" for the PDF parts files)

*Keith Greenstein
Flapper flapping paper plane

*Ken Cupery's Paper Boat Page
simple boat and hat

*Kewpie Corporation
simple characters in all kinds of cute costumes origami sheets and instructions

*K-Line K-Stones Seven
3 simple origami boats and container truck and container and car carrier ships

*Maciej Blaszak Origami Dolls
generic bird, nandu and baby eagle

*Magical Kingdom
simple bat

*Mari's Origami
simple boxes, flowers, animals, Star Wars Yoda and lots more origami diagrams and video instructions

*Mathematische Basteleien
all kinds of origami patterns and lots of other fun activities

*Matthias Gutfeldt Origami Homepage
Alps, starbox, wave, seashell, A4, square and traditional letters and sailboat and Butterfly, Arrow, Matt3000, Maze and Simpleton paper planes (under "Mixed Designs" and "Airplanes" in the menu on the left)

*McShane's planes
Old Faithful, Lecture Dart, Bucket Plane, Japanese Flyer, F-15 and Slow paper planes

*MM's Modular Mania
modular origami sonobes, floral balls, intersecting planes and cubes

*Moo Keep
lots of cute origami diagrams and cute paper toys here (open the posts, then scroll down to the download links under "ดาวน์โหลดแบบทำโมเดลกระดาษฟรี (Download Free Paper Model Template)", click the download links, and then wait for the blue "DOWNLOAD" button to load)

wallet folded from dollar bills

paper planes in the shape of trees, leaves, animals and buildings

*NASA Aeronautics
wind tunnel paper plane and simple paper rotary wing plane Rotor Motor here

*NASA Future Flight
paper plane X-43A Scramjet, F-16 Falcon XL, space shuttle and Centurion flying wing

*Naturalis N-Kidsx
simple origami whale (and stuffed animal whale and orca patterns under "Spelen" about 4/5th down the page)

*Nick Robinson
flowers, abstract shapes, animals, spaceshuttle and more

simple origami frog and more fun activities

instructions and videos on how to fold a prototype, OmniWing and advanced OmniWing paper planes

instructions for swan made from 500 modular origami triangle pieces

*Origami Club
easy, traditional, fun, animal, sea life, insects, fruits, food, seasonal, paper planes, unique, fashion, usable, jewelry/accesories, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Tanabata Star Festival, Halloween, newspaper, furniture, outdoor, long-style, letters, numbers and miscellaneous origami (click the icons in the center of the page) and extra easy Father's Day, Mother's Day, Easter, Hinamaturi Doll's Festival, Setsubun Festival and New Year's origami (under "MINI CORNER")

*Origami Database
extensive listing of origami books, creators, models and websites and lots of free diagrams here

*Origami Kids
step-by-step instructions, videos and links for simple paper planes, boats, Halloween, Christmas, flowers and more origami

*Origami Papelyarte
Tyrannosaurus Rex, crane, simple flower and flamingo origami instruction videos

*Origami Spirit
lots of video instructions for beginners, traditional models, boxes and containers, animals, flowers, fruit and food, geometrical shapes, holidays and celebrations, toys and action models, hearts and more

*OSN Origami Sociëteit Nederland
lots of different kinds of origami diagrams (more here and a collection of origami from the Orison magazine here)

*Pajarita AEP Asociación Española de Papiroflexia
Looney Toons Yosemite Sam and Daffy Duck, Star Wars Yoda, roses, dragons, witch, birds and lots of different origami diagrams

*Paper Aeroplanes by Peter Kunzmann
video folding instructions for Lion, Merlin, Piranha, Dart and Pixie paper planes

folding instructions for Paperang paper airplane (shareware version is print-disabled)

*Papercrane Australian Origami Diagrams
banger noise maker, traditional paper crane, Spanish box, simple boat, balanced heart, pjarito, lantern, traditional masu box, triplane paper plane, coaster, simple envelope, chopstick wrapper duck, polyhedral and cubic modular origami and jumping frog

*Papierfalten Origami Deutschland
lots of animals, Star Trek Bird of Prey, Prometheus and Borg Cube, 2010 and 2011 pentagon calendars and Tangram puzzles

*Passion Design Origami
Looney Toons Wile E. Coyote, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety and Tazmanian Devil, animals, abstract and many other diagrams

*Paula Versnick Orihouse
flower, spanish box, sprinkler spheres and rings, puffin bird, tissuebox, crane kusudama, little flame and A4 envelope

*Paul Jackson Origami Artist
barking dog, flapping bird, colour-change bird, pop-up box, decoration bag, fox, 3-fold minimalistic head, minimalistic nodding dog and abstract dog-leg

easy to follow video folding instructions for a simple origami frog, fish and a 1 dollar and a 50 Euro bill shirt

*River Village Kyo
dozens of different origami animals and objects

*Robert J. Lang origami
lots of insects & arthropods, birds, mammals, plants & flowers, sea life & mollusks, human figures, reptiles &hibians, dinosaurs & mythical creatures, objects, geometrics & tessellations and money crease patterns (click the links in the menu on the left, then the arrows to browse through the different models to find the freebies)

*Sandra Loosemore Frog Sonice Froggy Page
jumping frog

*South Florida Paper Airplane Garage
Flash application to customize colours/design of classic Dart, Fast Flyer and Gliding Wing paper planes and F-117, F-16C and F/A-18 2.5D planes

*Spielkeks Papierflieger
lots of paper planes and general folding techniques (click "Weiterlesen" for the folding instructions)

*Spiracle Music Aniyta's Origami
Star Trek Mr. Spock, leprechaun, shamrock, count Dracula, Santaclaus, Winnie the Pooh, Poglet, Tigger, Baby Roo, Eeyore, hunny jar, animals and many more diagrams

*The Khans
English origami forum

*The University of Kansas
origami football, Jayhawk mascot and paper airplane and space shuttle (under "Airplanes") and 3D fuel-efficient Volkswagen Beetle EcoHawk

*Unga Fakta
noise maker, hat, paper plane, helicopter and beaker

simple paper boat (click the two links under "Waterbus Vouwbootje" about halfway down the page for the sheet and instructions)

*Zurqui paper airplanes
best paper airplane in the world and patterned paper planes here

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